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Movie Review: Hello My Name is Doris

Holy shit movies before noon at AMC Framingham are $6!? I shoulda paid out of pocket and saw another one right after with my pass! (Upon googling AMC Lowes is $6.79 before noon. Neat!)

This one was getting high ratings on RT so my hopes are kind of high. Also this one is directed my Michael Showalter (former member of the Sketch group The State and former members generally make good stuff).

This movie get very awkward but not in the way they were intending. Sally Field starred as Doris, a fifty something (maybe sixty something?) who is trying to figure out who she is after her mother died. She is boring and awkward and she fell in love with the hot new guy in the office. You see where this one is going.

The movie just felt awkwardly put together. I get like some scenes were out of place. Also some of the acting was a little too over the top. Some seemed like caricatures.

It felt long despite its short 90 minute length.

Oh there were 2 random dream sequences early on. (I wonder if there will be a third later…) They made me mistrust what was happening. If at any moment something could turn out to have been in Doris’ imagination the whole time why should I bother caring because the whole thing could have been.

Hello, My Name Is Doris is in limited release.

TLDR: 1.5/5. I didn’t enjoy this movie. Some of you may but it wasn’t for me.


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