Armed naked woman gets tasered while pushing 4 year old boy in trolley.

Doesn’t the title of this sound fake? I assure you, it isn’t!

Funny, the article on this story is so short that I can post the entire thing in mine. I guess when you do something this nuts, what else do you really need to say?

A naked woman armed with a knife and pushing a four-year-old boy in a trolley has been tasered by police in Western Australia’s South West region.

Police say the 43-year-old woman refused repeated requests to put the knife down before she was tasered and taken to Bunbury Regional Hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

The child was not injured and arrangements have been made for his care by family members while the incident is investigated.” (source)

I’m very disappointed that this happened in Australia. This is the kind of behavior I expect to read about happening in Florida. She must have been high on that synthetic junk. I am so damn curious right now. Was this even her kid?


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