Opening Day take two? 

Opening Day in the MLB was yesterday and already they are playing make up games because of weather. Why would they not schedule all the cold weather teams to play in the warmer weather? Why is Tampa and Toronto playing in Tampa when they could have a cold weather area team play Toronto in a dome? Houston and NY playing in NY when they could play in Texas? I know it’s “spring” but more often than not its still been winter up here at this time. Yes they are all professional athletes and can handle some bitter weather, but come on! Why not schedule them around the weather we have up here. Cold weather can lead to injures. Baseball players don’t move as frequent as soccer or football players. Muscles tighten up out there while you stand around waiting for the ball to maybe be hit towards you. But that’s not my issue, my issue is you can avoid canceling games on Opening Day by letting the northern teams start the season in the South. I know a week or two weeks may not matter and the weather still would suck but I don’t care I just want to bitch! 

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