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RUSH HOUR, a reimagining of the hit feature film franchise, is CBS's new buddy-cop drama about maverick LAPD detective Carter (Justin Hires, left) and by-the-book Hong Kong detective and master martial artist Lee (Jon Foo), who knock heads when they are forced to partner together in Los Angeles. Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

When I first heard they were making a Rush Hour show I thought it was a joke. Guess I was wrong. After watching the first episode I think I was right all of long. It’s not their fault though. The show should never have been done in the first place. They were doomed from the start. Carter and Lee can only be played by Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Justin Hires is no Chris Tucker. You know who else he isn’t?  Kevin Hart. I say this because when you see the previews you think Kevin Hart. When you tune in to the episode, you see a guy trying to be Kevin Hart. Jon Foo, well I guess martial arts is martial arts and of course that’s my opinion. Acting is to serious to me. Lee’s character was a little loose and they did some cultural stuff but this Lee is like a serious uptight walking stiff. Also I don’t like that the heights are switched. I guess this can work because I’d rather hear the short jokes on Carter than this Carter trying to do Chris Tucker jokes. All in all I’ll give it a shot. It had some good humor and I think if giving a chance and some good writing they can have a run. I know I called it a joke but I started writing this in the middle of the episode. I should of waited but here in Americia we love to criticize. But again, I’ll give it a shot. I learned with some shows you have to. I got into Scrubs to late because I was like “Hell no” and turned off the pilot episode. 

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