British woman swims after cruise liner to catch her husband.

Ok, let me paint a picture for you. Lets pretend you and your significant other are about to return home from a trip. You lose sight of him/her at the airport. You then suspect he/she didn’t want to fly home with you and boarded a cruise ship to take home instead. What do you do?  If your answer is “jump into the Atlantic & swim after the cruise ship.” Then you need a trip to the psychiatric unit like this woman!

Unfortunately, this 65 year old woman discovered that she isn’t a new Terminator model that is capable of blazing swim speeds. She made it 500 meters before fisherman heard her calls for help. That’s a little more than half the distance of a football field. Not bad for 65.  That must have been some argument the night before to suspect your husband would do such a thing. I wonder what the next phase in this “brilliant” plan was. Did she think a random side door existed that she could knock on? Did she think a random rope would exist dangling down for her to scale the ship?  This is also assuming she thought out a way to not get sucked under the ship during her approach.

She was treated for hypothermia and tranfered to a psychiatric unit for evaluation. Oh, and the husband wasn’t on the ship. He boarded the plane. (source)

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