The Packie visits New Orleans

Arty and Eric from The Packie make their way down to NOLA to spread the word of the Packie and all its goodness. The boys join Packie Pres Artys girl friend down here for 3 days of craziness. The first day was suppose to be laying low, but ended up with karoke, frozen drinks of death, shots and beer and more beer.

After recovering from the first day, the boys were like “hey, let’s do a pub craw” which they did in the style of beer golf. After hole 5, they called it quits but kept the drinking going. Bar Golf Pub Crawl Story Also during this path of destruction, we got Adam from the Packie the mug he wanted. Mallett’s Mug from Spirits on Bourbon

The third and last day was a recover day. Sitting by the pool and a night cap at the New Orleans Pelicans game which only cost 3 dollars for a ticket. New Orleans Pelican $3 Ticket Story

They ya’ll made some new friends and spread The Packie like an STD on Miami beach. We hope you catch it to.


Eric singing MJ

The boys after 36 hours of no sleep

The slide show of all the fun. Until next time NOLA

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