One more round for Route 1 Mini Golf – The Orange T-Rex Last Hurrah


This story is staying local for the North Shore of Boston area, but if you grew up here or drove through Saugus anytime since 1958, you know the large orange T-rex very well. Route One Mini golf has been family owned since 1958 and after this summer season, it will be no more. The land that the mini golf and batting cages sits on was sold last year. Construction will start on the site in the Fall, giving the mini golf gods one last round before it goes bye bye. As a kid growing up in Revere, I went to the batting cages and mini golf there many of times. I may or may not gotten to 2nd base for the first time there.


The North Shore was devastated a couple of years ago when vandals cut the legs of the T-rex causing it to fall over. It was repaired soon after and the little bastards never were caught. The big question that everyone is wondering is, will they keep the T-rex as part of the new complex? I sure hope so, if not I think I’m going to try to buy it.


Rt 1 Saugus is home to many great landmarks other than the orange T-rex. We have the hilltop cactus and the leaning tower to name a few. Here is a link with many other crazy Saugus landmarks – Click here

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