New Orleans Pelicans – $3 Tickets Tonight


As a fan of all sports, I enjoy checking out teams that are outside my home area when I travel to different cities around the country. I am down in New Orleans for the week and figured why not see how much Pelican tickets were going for. I looked on their website and tonight they are playing Denver. Both teams pretty much dead in the water this time of the year when it comes to the playoffs. Denver is almost totally out, New Orleans is already on the outside looking in. I went to Seat Geek, a website that searches all ticket aftermarket sales and finds the best prices and deals. I saw $3 seats for tonight and figured why the hell not. I needed 3 total, 1 for me, 1 for my girlfriend, 1 for my buddy and it cost me a sexy $9 total, and that is including fees and tax. 3 tickets cost me less than 1 beer at the game tonight. It cost less than the Uber ride to the game. Even if the game sucks, it cost $9 for 3 tickets, that’s better than the 3 for 1 deal for beer down on Bourbon Street. For a sports fan like myself, this is a great deal.



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