British artist literally marries a rock!

British artist Tracy Emin decided to marry a giant stone in her garden. Some might call it poetic or deep. I call it a women with serious relationship issues.

I guess marrying a rock would have some benefits. If your the type of person who has


No! I didn’t say “the rock” Go away Dwayne Johnson!

abandonment issues, this is right up your alley!  Also, the price of a wedding and reception can get a bit pricey these days. The only guests Rock might have are his pals Paper & Scissors. So you would save a ton of cash! Although, I wouldn’t sit Scissors next to Paper at the reception. Scissors might get drunk and accidently cut Paper. We wouldn’t want that!


Ok, I’ve entertained this long enough. Anyway, read this part from the article.   “The woman whose life is her art has revealed that last summer she married a venerable stone that stands in her garden in France. “Somewhere on a hill facing the sea, there is a very beautiful ancient stone, and it’s not going anywhere,” she has said “It will be there, waiting for me.” In another interview she has called it “‘an anchor, something I can identify with”. She wore her father’s funeral shroud as a wedding dress.” (source)

I like art but this is a little much. People at this level are probably the type who always answer a question with a question and put some kind of ridiculous perspective on things to try and provoke thought. However, it sometimes just comes off stupid instead of insightful.

-Adam Mallett

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