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Movie Review: The Ten Commandments

Some people like to argue that they're only 24 hours a day. Generally I tend to spend approximately eight hours of my day sleeping. Despite all this I spent 4 hours today watching a movie that came out 60 years ago.

Nobody visiting The Packie is going to wonder what my opinion was on the classic film The Ten Commandments. But you know what? Fuck you. I had a good time watching this fucking movie and now I’m going to post about it. And I’m going to use a picture of boobs so that maybe somebody will actually click on this article instead of just rotting here like would normally.

This was another classic presented by TCM and fathom events. Next month is On the Waterfront. 

I appreciated the fact that in the intro the director of the film warned me how long it is and reminded me there will be an intermission.

If all the stuff with Moses actually happened I feel like it should be on the news from time to time. (Yes I know what happened 3000 years ago.)

Science says Moses was probably inhaling DMT when he saw the burning bush and he was listening to God.

Wow, God killed a lot of people.

Despite the almost 4 hour run time and the fact that this was 60 years old, this movie held my interest and kept the story moving. I would recommend if you enjoy classic films you should check this one out.

TLDR 4/5. Classic film that is enjoyable.

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