Exclusive! Julian Edelman and Sam Hunt same Person


Are they not the same person? They both were quarterbacks in college. They both rock the same hair cut and sexy facial hair. OK if you want to go into details, yes Edelman is from California and was born in 1986 and Hunt was born in Georgia in 1984. Minor details. I didn’t know who Sam Hunt was until a couple of years ago when my sister came home from one of his concerts and was creaming over his sexiness. Edelman, well unless your a Patriots fan or Kent State groupie, you have no idea.

Well maybe they are not the same person, but I do know chicks dig them. This comes after a few months ago where the world accused Julian Edelman and myself, Packie Pres Arty 84 of being the same person. Mmmmmmm perhaps this one is correct?


One thing is for sure that Edelman, Hunt and Arty 84 are not Vince Wilfork, and that is a fact.


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