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Movie Review: Remember

Enjoyed Memento but thought it was too fast paced and the actors were too young? -Steven Richard K

Remember is a story about a man who has dementia. Christopher Plummer plays Zev Guttman who wakes up and forgets his wife has died. He and a friend of his have a plan that Zev has agreed to complete once his wife has died. Zev escapes his nursing home and takes buses and trains to complete his task. He buys a gun and visits some gentlemen suspected of having been Nazi prison guards.

This was sort of a slow paced action movie. If you enjoyed Memento but you thought the story should be linear, the actors should be older, and it should be much slower paced, this movie is for you.

Despite at times being slow paced, I still didn’t know what was coming next. The ending was very satisfying and jaw dropping. When this comes out on disc or on instant its worth a view.

Remember is in select theaters now.

TLDR: 3.5/5. I enjoyed this movie. Although it was slow at times the end was satisfying.

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