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Movie Review: The Bronze

Is The Bronze worth its weight in bullshit? -Steven Richard K

Barry Katz (Hollywood agent and podcaster) is fond of the idea that in order to be successful one must be “huggable and loveable.” Unfortunately for the actress playing the lead role in this one I did think she was huggable and loveable. Melissa Rauch (of Big Bang Theory) wrote and stars in this as a sweary, shitty, entitled former Olympian who gets everything she wants in a small town a decade after her glory days. She has to train an up-and-coming Olympic gymnast (because of reasons).

When a character is an asshole they have to have some redeeming qualities of some kind. It takes an amount of skill to pull it off. There are many male comedic actors that have tried this with varying degrees of success. They all have some element of likability to go along with their detestable characters. Unfortunately for Rauch, she is not likable in this.

Gary Cole is great as the loving father (Office Space). Thomas Middleditch was decent as well as the romantic lead (Silicon Valley).

For being a small movie I was surprised at how big some of the sets were. (Gymnastics competition in a stadium! Well done. Couldn’t have been cheap.)

The gymnastic intercourse scene was a good time. Half a point.

The Bronze is in limited release in select theaters now.

TLDR: 1.5/5. Not fun, not funny. Skip it.

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