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Movie Review: Eye in the Sky

Can I just start off this review by telling people to cut the shit and stop being weird. I walk into the theater and this dude is standing in the side aisle furthest away from the door. I think he was an Indian dude in his 50s, maybe his hemorrhoids were acting up or he hurt his back or maybe he’s a germophobe and didn’t wanna sit on the seats or something? Whatever I don’t care. Actually I do care. I wanted to ask him why he was standing. He stood in the aisle for the whole fucking movie! Most frequently with his arms crossed. Yes I know most movie theater murderers are white guys, it doesn’t matter what color he was. It matters that he was acting weird and I was distracted and I couldn’t fully enjoy the movie about terrorists because I had to keep an eye on this weirdo standing the whole movie with his arms crossed in disapproval.

I really liked the way this movie was done. There are some Al Shabab terrorists in Kenya and the story revolves around them but you never get up and close to them. You follow the story from the perspective of British politicians in conference rooms (Helen Mirren and co), British military officers (Alan Rickman and co), U.S. drone operators (Aaron Paul and co), and few other perspectives thrown in. (Rickman’s last movie, he was good but Helen Mirren was great.) The way the story moved from place to place and character to character was really cool.

This movies all about drones. Big ones and small ones. Drones with Hellfire missiles and drones that look like hummingbirds and beetles. The action of this movie is seen from the viewpoint of these drones and the people in the boardrooms are discussing it all and controlling it etc. Will they capture the bad guys or will they kill them? There are suicide vests and people on the most wanted terrorist kill list. Some of the people involved are U.S and British citizens and their rights muddy up the waters.

Collateral damage and the killing of innocent lives and what is acceptable. I frequently had the thoughts that I doubt this much thought goes into collateral damage in discussions like this. Then they show a few American characters and they are brazen and bold about it so maybe the Brits are more sensitive? (From what I recall the drones that my tax dollars pay for are responsible for the murder of quite a few innocent lives.)

The tension in this movie was real. They did a good job building up to it. I had no idea how it was going to pan out. Audience members audibly groaned in agony at the height of the drama.

Eye in the Sky is in limited release and is in select theaters now.

TLDR: 4/5. Compelling and thought provoking. At times it felt a tad over the top but the action and intensity keep it moving.

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