Search for a Cohost Podcast Episode 86 with Allen McRae

Allen McRae joins me on the show today. Somehow this turned into a sort of motivational show. Allen has got a beard and performs sketch comedy. Find out what gives us the Mississippi Squirts.

Allen is a member of the group Terrible People who will be performing sketch comedy as part of  Sketch Haus (immediately after Search for a Cohost Podcast Live!) on Thursday March 24th at Improv Boston!

Tickets available here:

Also check him out in “Sports” 3/17 3/19 and 3/26 at IB if you enjoy comedy and sports! Also Allen was excited to announce that Terrible People will be doing shows every 2nd Saturday of the month at Improv Boston late nights. Also check out Comedy America, a sketch comedy show in the weekend of Independence Day on the main stage. Follow @TerriblePeeps on twitter.

Steven Richard K is the host of the Search for a Cohost podcast ( and a member of the sketch group Mister Bismuth. Follow Steven on Twitter@StevenRichardK.

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