Pornography declaired “public health crisis” in Utah.

The Utah House of Representatives passed a resolution declaring pornography a public health hazard. "We do need to see this (pornography) like avian flu, cholera, diphtheria or polio," said Elder Holland.

“It needs to be eradicated.” “This ought to be seen like a public health crisis, like a war, like an infectious fatal epidemic, like a moral plague on the body politic that is maiming the lives of our citizens.”  (source)

Ya, good luck with that. Porn is literally a $97 billion dollar industry with $10-12 billion of that coming from the United States. (source) Its not going anywhere. I also find it hilarious that they compared pornography to fatal diseases. Its like, “did you hear about Tommy?” “No,what happened?” “It was the porn! Porn got him!” “No, not that!”

When I think of problems and restrictions that this country needs to waste time and energy on, porn is waaaaay down at the bottom of the list. The Governor of Utah will now need to sign off on this resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis. Hopefully, he is a normal human being who will laugh and toss it out the window.

-Adam Mallett

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2 Comments on Pornography declaired “public health crisis” in Utah.

  1. The Religious (Self) Right(eous) is not dying out fast enough. They are bound and determined to enslave everyone and force their childish delusional superstition down everyone else’s throats.

  2. You spelled “declared” incorrectly.

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