Movie Review: The Brothers Grimsby

We’ll be talking about the “elephant scene” for years to come. Will we remember the movie?

If you like Sacha Baron Cohen at all you have to listen to his ep of WTF with Marc Maron. He tells some awesome stories about filming Borat and Bruno and some cool insights on his inspiration. Check it out.

I loved Borat. I really liked Bruno. (And after listening to that WTF I wanna re-watch those movies) I was even enjoyed Da Ali G Show.

Cohen somehow has “final cut” in his contract. Basically that means that the movie studio can tell him what to take out of the movie but he doesn’t have to listen. You might be surprised to find out they disagreed with the fact that Donald Trump catches HIV in this movie.

The trailer (which I probably saw too many times) made me think this was just another dumb movie but from hearing Cohen talk about it and listening to how passionate he is about making his movies, I’m on board to have a good time.

I’m seeing this one during the day Friday. Me and 2 other random dudes in the theater. Would it have been better with a large crowd of laughing strangers? (Maybe not. Sometimes I have this thing where other people enjoying bullshit makes me hate the decent stuff surrounding the bullshit more)

It’s tough combining genres. This is an action comedy. Sometimes when one adds comedy it sort of brings the level of the action down. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tropic Thunder but I did really enjoy Hot Fuzz (which is on Netflix instant, check it out if you haven’t).

I laughed a couple times. There were a couple outrageous happenings that made me chuckle. We will be talking about the “elephant scene” for years to come.

The action was decent. There were a number of shots that are from the perspective of the actor. (There is a moving coming soon called Hardcore Henry that is a movie made entirely with this perspective and now I worry that it may not be as good as it could be because of this constraint)

Overall it was just okay. Halfway through it picked up a bit. I was never bored and the movie breezed by (thanks for making this a quick 83 minutes). This one might be forgettable. It sure won’t blow you out of the water.

The Brothers Grimsby is in theaters everywhere today.

TLDR: 3/5. Decent action comedy that will entertain for an hour and a half. A couple laughs and okay action.

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