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Pssst.. The Texans are paying me too much

This move by the Texans is all too familiar in the NFL right now. A back up QB shines in a few games and gets rewarded with a massive undeserving contract. What cracks me up about this is Bill O’Brien running his mouth in hard knocks last year, saying how disrespectful the media was when referring to their quarterback situation. I’m paraphrasing, but I believe he said something along the lines of, We got two hell of a good QB’s that have proven themselves to be valuable players in this league, and I’m damn proud to have them as my quarterbacks. OK Bill! that’s why you just shelled out 72 million on another back up with a sample size smaller than Hitler’s dick. Time will tell how this one plays out, but at least he’s moving into the WEAKEST division in the NFL right now. The defense turned it on by the end of the year and he can throw it and Hopkins zip code and he’ll come down with it.  Hats off Brock! you found a desperate team willing to pay you big bucks. Way to cash in and become the newest member of the overpaid QB club.

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