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New spider discovered in Australia! Kill it! Kill it!

I don't like spiders. No, I reallllllly don't like spiders. So when I read that a new spider has been discovered, I'm just glad it isn't in my part of the world.

This newly discovered spider was given the name ‘Brian’ after the scientist that discovered it and was recently revealed at the World Science Festival in Australia.

I don’t care if it isn’t harmful to humans. As far as I’m concerned, this spider is the next step in spider evolution and signals that our arachnid friends are inching closer to being a threat. This spider can catch prey up to three times its own size. It can also feel vibrations caused by the creatures it wants to hunt. Great, now spiders are getting snake like senses!? “When it feels a vibration, it runs across the water to grab its prey. It then dives under the water with it, before swimming back to shore to eat it up.” At least it doesn’t fly. A world where spiders can fly is a world I do not want to be a part of.

I will admit, since species go extinct every day, its nice to see a new one discovered. In this instance though, why does it need to be a damn spider! (source)

-Adam Mallett

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