Movie Review: London Has Fallen

Is gravity to blame? -Steven Richard K

Gary Butts back at it again.
I didn’t realize this was a sequel until just before we got to the theater. I don’t remember if I saw the first one. 2 came out at the same time about the same thing. The misses came because she loves the star, Gary Butts. (Was the first one one where butts broke into a prison at the end? No. Different one.)
This is gonna be a stupid action movie. Too stupid? Enough action?
This was a decent dumb action movie. Fun shoot em up plus chase scenes. I laughed a few times. There were a couple lines that made me chuckle in between violence scenes. Don’t think too hard or set your hopes high and let it wash over you and you’ll enjoy it.
They tried to make it seem smart at times. Randomly they would have words on the screen describing character names and jobs of people sitting around the conference room table. I don’t care who these featured extras are. They’re at this meeting, I assume they’re important. Move it along.
The bad guy is an arms salesman/ terrorist. The president spoke ill of the gentleman who sold arms unironically. From real life: “In his first five years in office alone, President Obama has sold more than $169 billion worth in arms through the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales program. Adjusted for inflation, that’s $30 billion more than U.S. arms sales under President George W. Bush.”  You know, the guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize?
They added in a couple unnecessary “fuck”s so they could get an R rating. There was one scene that was graphic and bloody that could have been zoomed in. The marketing department probably decided they’d make more money with an R rating. If not they could have easily removed them. “Thirsty as fuck.”
I could feel the focus groups. You could just tell, you know that had to. They had to have shot a couple different endings and showed it to audiences to see who they liked best as the double crosser on the British side.
TLDR: 3/5. Decent dumb action movie. I enjoyed it and didn’t want to start screaming at plot holes generally.
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