Movie Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

That means What The Fuck! (I think. I can’t be certain.) -Steven Richard K

After having years of successful podcast and a TV show on IFC Marc Maron finally takes his podcast to big screen.

Hm? Not what this movie is about? Oh. Okay.

Not all movies are made for everybody. That’s okay. They shouldn’t be. I wouldn’t want a dumb action movie to be raised to the level that your mother might enjoy. There are a lot of movies for a lot of people. Some movies sort of get specific with what audience they are going after.

This movie is not for me. This movie is for moms. The job this movie was trying to accomplish was to teach moms it’s okay that their children joined the military or encourage them to join. And the dads of the moms who are forced to watch won’t be too miserable because there’s some war footage.

Some of your tax dollars that go to the military budget goes to a small department that works with Hollywood. This department works with movie and television studios and assists them in the portrayal of the military. If you don’t show the military in a positive light they won’t help out. So. Congratulations on producing another piece of pro war propaganda I guess.

This is a more serious role for Fey. Sort of. There was a lot of silliness going on in between the seriousness of life and death situations. There was a bit too much silliness for me, it detracted from the story. The tone was uneven.

Some small choices, from directing to writing to the inclusion of certain shots, could have been changed and this would have been a very different movie. Basically no plot but that was sort of okay, it was fun to watch her figure out the war zone.  Halfway into the movie a romance blossomed which changed the movie. The people who made Rock the Kasbah are gonna be so jealous of this movie. (This one is fairly similar but done better.)

The moms in the audience sure loved the dogs fucking scene.

Mom joke that missed the mark: Afghan driver reading O magazine and then remarks “Ohh that’s Oprah.”

In the end they try to make you sad that she’s leaving the shithole that is war torn Afghanistan. After that they tried to pull heartstrings unsuccessfully.

Not sure if they ever explained the title of the movie in the movie or even mentioned it. Billy Bob offered her Tennessee whiskey (or was it bourbon) at one point.

This movie was based on a true story (based on a book) but they didn’t show any of the real people at the end. I’m guessing the movie veered a bit too far from the truth that they opted out.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is in theaters now.

TLDR: 2/5. Not a terrible movie but it wasn’t made for me. If you’re forced to watch it you won’t have that bad of a time.

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