Movie Review: The VVitch

Does the vvvvitch fly with viewers??? -Steven Richard K

This felt like a small movie but it was very well made. This movie did a really good job of sucking you into the world.

Puritan dude was too pure for the Puritan’s so he and his family get banished to live on their own in 1600s New England. And then some creepy stuff happens. A baby disappears and then it goes from there. There are a few landscape shots with creepy music to remind you that there’s some creepy stuff going on.

I missed quite a bit of the dialogue because they were speaking Olde English and it just didn’t make sense in my brain.

The end may be polarizing. You’ll either find it satisfying or think it could be a bit of a cop out, so be aware of that.

This one has been out for a week and half already and seems to be fairly popular for such a small film.

TLDR: 3/5. I enjoyed this one. If you’re in the mood to be creeped out, check this one out.

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