Movie Review: The Lady in the Van

If you have ever donated to NPR this movie might be for you. -Steven Richard K

The readers of The Packie are fucking dying to know if this movie is worth their time. You guys have been clamoring for this. People are sending me postcards and certified letters begging me to review this movie. Some have even said they weren’t going to be able to sleep at night, until I reviewed this, on behalf of the website that talks about chicks and sports and booze and the like. If you fuckers think pressuring me like this is going to get me to review the newest Kenny G Ep you’ve got another thing coming.

I didn’t like this movie for the opposite reason I didn’t Zoolander 2. The humor in this was not dumb enough. This movie is aimed at a high brow crowd. (Insert a graph and on the left is humor that Adam Sandler makes and on the right is aristocratic antics and in the middle is a picture of me laughing)

This movie was self referential a bit too much. (I can’t believe I’m saying that. Glass houses.) Narrator and also the writer/main character of the film gave himself a ghost twin so he could have something to talk about what was going on. Not much was going on by the way. A homeless lady lived in a van in an upper class neighborhood (oh my can you believe it!?)

Some heart strings are pulled slightly but whatever. Jokes missed my funny bone and I didn’t relate to anyone.

Main actress was good at acting so that’s good.

Cool scene at the end when the real writer shows up.

TLDR: 1.5/5. Not for us.

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