Company grants female employees “menstruation leave”

Luckily for me, I’m a guy. I can never experience the pain that some women might go through on a monthly basis. Although, if we give it another 50 years, maybe transgender surgery could grant this also! In a world where women are striving for equality. This is not a good idea and a step in the other direction.

I will start with the obvious issue. This system would get abused. This has nothing to do with women. No matter what gender you are, people will always abuse whatever privileges you give them. With no way of knowing how “in pain” a person really is, it would clearly be abused.

Some feminists who preach that they are discriminated against for simply being female might think, “finally, us women get something! We deserve this!” However, this is gender discrimination against men! We should be working towards equality.

We live in an age where women are striving for equal pay (which they deserve) & creating this type of leave works less towards equality and more towards creating separate paths that could divide us further. (source)

-Adam Mallett

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3 Comments on Company grants female employees “menstruation leave”

  1. I’m still a in the middle about this idea, however, I don’t quite think this is sexist. That’s like men saying, “How come women get a National Women’s Day and we don’t?” I believe that this doesn’t interfere with gender equality because periods aren’t something that women can help. It is a medical issue that is actually quite serious. Society expects women to walk around in pain but not show it. This is sexist, because it brainwashes women into acting perfect 24/7. For example, if you were kicked in the crotch, you wouldn’t stand there like nothing happened. Why should women? (Periods are 200x worse than getting kicked in the crotch, trust me, you are lucky.) I am a feminist but in some ways I agree that women should have menstrual leave. Like I said, women shouldn’t have to act like nothing’s wrong when there is indeed, something wrong. Maybe as a compromise, men could get an extra sick day? I would be okay with that.

    • Some very fair points. Thanks for commenting. I totally agree with you in the case of if it’s a serious medical issue because then a doctor would be able to step in & confirm. Aside from that it’s hard to deny that some would abuse this though for a free day off.

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