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Kanye West wants to acquire killer eagles to protect his family.

The Kanye West crazy train has been moving full speed ahead lately. This would take beefing up your home security to a new level.

West  is supposedly in talks with Dutch police about purchasing killer birds to protect his family & pick off drones that are allegedly flying over their home to spy on them. This comes from a guy who recently expressed that he is over $50 million in debt. Sure, why not!

I’ll admit, the idea seems hilarious on the surface. Then I realize its all fun and games until one of the birds decides to swoop down and fly off with the baby while Kim is taking him for a stroll around the block. Actually, it still sounds hilarious.

The original source is the National Enquirer, so take it with a grain of salt. Still, it does sound like something his brain would conjure up.

-Adam Mallett

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