Catholic priest snorts coke in home full of Nazi memorabilia.

I guess if you are going to do something stupid, don't half ass it. Go all out!

A Roman Catholic priest must have decided that this was his best course of action. The priest lived on church grounds and had a two day party. First, he decided to snort some coke on church grounds. Second, someone filmed it. Third, he just happened to have a vast collection of Nazi memorabilia all over the house for his guests to see.  According to sources, “It was all over the house. At one point Stephen put on a cap and did the Nazi salute.” 

Obviously, this doesn’t look good. After WWII, it was suspected that the Catholic Church had some type of Nazi connection. This could bring that back to the surface. I wonder how often this guy has visitors. Is this stuff always hanging around? If not, he needs some serious schooling on his decorating technique.  It’s like, “How should I decorate? What would look great above my mantel for this party? I got it! A giant Swastika! I bet everyone would love that!”

I’m not religious, but I know the Catholic Church has enough problems. We can now add a coked up Nazi loving jackass to the long list. (source)

-Adam Mallett

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4 Comments on Catholic priest snorts coke in home full of Nazi memorabilia.

  1. Not surprising at all. I have pictures of Catholic Cardinals and even the pope with Nazis.

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