Movie Review: The Maltese Falcon

This was another in the series of TCM Big Screen Classic brought to the big screen by Fathom. It’s the 75th anniversary of The Maltese Falcon‘s release.

I do not think I’ve ever seen this one, but I did go on a film noir kick back in college, so maybe it was in there. I have however seen the episode of Nickelodeon’s Rugrats title Radio Daze where Tommy plays the detective and tries to solve the mystery of “The Maltese Woodchuck” almost 2 decades ago, so I guess what I’m saying is, I got this.

Humphrey Bogart stars in this John Huston film based upon a book, this was the 3rd version of the book in 11 years. 1942 was apparently a helluva year for films. Some western I’ve never heard of won best picture. Citizen Kane was also nominated for best picture this year as well. For those of you who aren’t aware Citizen Kane is widely considered to be one of the greatest films of all time.

Side note: I’m in a sketch group with my buddy Brett called “Hogart and Clable” so I may be a bit more fond of Humphrey Bogart than your average sketch comedian. (We’ll be performing May 5th if you are interested in some sketches that probably have nothing to do with Bogart or Clable.)

Bogart is a badass who at times can appear heartless but we love him. Mary Astor plays the “woman in distress” but…is she? Quickly paced and a lot going on. Great classic crime film.

If you’re interested in more of these big screen classics the next one will be The Ten Commandments in March.

TLDR: 5/5. Another classic film that holds up. A dark whodunnit with snappy dialogue and surprises. Check it out.

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