Movie Review: Triple 9

Cops? Robbers? Robbers who are cops!? -Steven Richard K

It’s easy to write about a movie when it’s amazing. I would spend my time talking about all its positive attributes and trying to convince you to see the movie. It is also easy to write about a movie if it’s terrible. I could go on and on about how terrible it was and how you should avoid it.

This movie is just pretty good so I feel like it might be hard to talk about.

Triple 9 is a crime thriller where there’s cops and robbers and oh wait some cops are also robbers. High stakes violence and robberies with some whodunit mixed in to keep you in suspense.

Its got some fun actors in it. Norman Reedus (crossbow dude from The Walking Dead), Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad), Kate Winslet (Oh shit that was Kate Winslet!? I didn’t recognize her! She was a Russian Mobster Queen Bitch who did great in this), Casey Affleck (slightly annoying in this. (Hey, can you please hold your gun straight)), Woody Harrelson (or as Sarah only knows him, “Haymisch from Hunger Games!?”), Anthony Mackie (Hurt Locker, Cpt ‘Merica).

This was directed by the guy who did The Proposition (which is a pretty gnarly Austrailian western that I would recommend you check out) and The Road (which is dark and pretty decent).

Atticus Ross did the music, which I sort of wish I’d known beforehand, I might have appreciated it more. (He masterfully scored The Social Network, Gone Girl, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.) I enjoyed the music, it kept the pace and the suspense up.

This movie is fun and it is what it is. Don’t get your hopes up and it won’t dissapoint. It does what it sets out to do but it’s not fantastic. At times I sort of felt like the tone of the movie was a bit confused but it wasn’t that glaring. There were quite a lot of characters and quite a lot going on and it got its point across fine.

Triple 9 is in theaters now.

TLDR: 3.5/5. Pretty good crime/cop movie. Watch this on instant and you’ll be entertained for a couple hours.

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