Teen girl runs away to join ISIS with boyfriend. She gets rescued after realizing it sucks!

I really wish a lot of these stories that I report on were fake. If some super advanced alien race is hovering around in space and monitoring all our media reports and starts to read some of these, they could easily conclude that humanity has no hope for a long term future. That being said,  I want to feel some form of sympathy for this girl. I can't though!

A 16 year old Swedish teen got lucky and was rescued by Kurdish forces near the city of Mosul. She claimed her boyfriend persuaded her to run away & join ISIS with him. She knew nothing about the group and just decided to hop on a train. “Then he said he wanted to go to Isis and I said ‘OK, no problem’, because I did not know what Isis meant or what Islam was – nothing.” First of all, I’m wondering if the boyfriend knew anything about ISIS either and is just as stupid as she is. If he did, he might have warned her that the words “women” and “rights” don’t exactly go hand and hand. Or maybe he is just a total asshole and didn’t give a damn in the first place. Second, the article points out that the girl is a high school drop out. It should also mention that she doesn’t have a brain to begin with.  If you didn’t know what ISIS or Islam is and plan on taking a wild trip to go join, don’t you think even just a quick internet search might be a good idea!?   It’s not like Sweden has zero or ridiculously limited internet access. It’s not North Korea. “In Sweden we have everything, and when I was there, I did not have anything,”  “I did not have any money either – it was a really hard life. When I had a phone I started to contact my mum and I said: ‘I want to go home’.”  I’m willing to bet the boyfriend fed her all kinds of lies and false promises. Still, do some damn research first. (Source)

-Adam Mallett

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