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Lamar Odom seems fine to me. 

Ok so we all know Lamar Odom did a lot of coke and god knows what else. Was found unresponsive and if not dead damn near close. I read he wouldn’t make it. He’d be brain dead. His estranged wife leaves her boyfriend to be by his side. He makes a miracle recovery. Flies to NYC to catch a Kanye Show. Attends a baseball game this past weekend. Basically just going about life. Does anyone believe or convinced (like I am) that the severity of his condition was just the Kardashians paying the medical officials to, well fucking lie? I would not put it past that family to make the situation be all about them. Them being the victims, not the former NBA champion who obviously has a drug problem. Even if I’m speculating the whole thing made me sick! The family crying whoa is me and making sue they were seen at the hospitals. I do know I could be making a big deal out of nothing because of my distain for that family. If I am wrong doesn’t matter that family still made it all about them. 

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