Ke$ha Accuses Dr. Luke Of Rape Though She Had Previously Testified Under Oath That He Didn’t

Pro tip: If you are going to accuse someone of raping you, make sure you didn’t already testify under oath that they didn’t – GrimeBone

Before we start; If you feel that you have been a victim of rape or sexual assault, click here for resources to help you report, assist or cope with your incident.


Everyone is up in arms with a court’s ruling about how they won’t let Ke$ha our of her contract with Sony and Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records. She cited years of physical and emotional abuse along with being drugged and raped by her producer, Dr. Luke, as grounds for an injunction for her to continue her music career outside of her Sony contract. New York Supreme Court judge, Shirley Kornreich, denied Ke$ha’s request, stating her contract was “heavily negotiated and typical for the industry.”

This comes off as horribly insensitive to someone who had been a victim of a terribly traumatic incident… until you remember that she had testified under oath in 2011 saying that Dr. Luke did NOT drug and rape her.  Ke$ha’s side claims she was coerced into saying she wasn’t raped by Dr. Luke and that could certainly be true, though, Dr. Luke says she is a liar. Who really fucking knows? What we do know is that in stating under oath that you were never raped is a pretty decent reason to believe that you may not have been raped and you have successfully cut yourself down at the legal knees in trying to prove that he did.

The ruling for that record contract to be upheld seems much less insensitive now, doesn’t it?


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