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Movie Review: Zoolander 2

Like cameos? They’re funny, right? -Steven Richard K.

I don’t know when I sat down to watch Zoolander in its entirety. I must have though.

Fuck Zoolander.

I can honesty say yesterday was when I say down to see Zoolander 2.

Fuck Zoolander 2.

I’m writing this before seeing the movie.

It’s important to be open minded.

Oh fuck everyone in the audience is laughing at fat cgi The Rock in the trailer for the new dumb Kevin Hart movie. Everyone in this theater is going to love this bullshit much more than me.

Did you know if you sit close enough to a standard movie screen it can feel like an iMax movie screen? For Zoolander 2? Did you know that?

It was nice that Justin Bieber got murdered.

Andy Daly has a small part in this. Love this guy. Good to see him. He wasn’t wacky enough but he was great. I want to see more of him.

Look out for advertising (product placements) from Uber, Netflix, Samsung, and Ray Ban. Also, what movies doesn’t Ray Ban advertise in? Also, use Lyft instead (and sign up using the code “Steven1825” to get some free ride credits).

This move makes me want to watch Heavyweights again for some reason.

Do you like celebrity cameos? This movie is for you!

An older Sting is starting to look like a middle aged Randy Quaid.

I didn’t hate this as much as I should have. It was pretty bad. I don’t want to write about Zoolander 2.

TLDR: 1.5/5. I didn’t hate this movie as much as I should have. I didn’t laugh much though. If you loved the first one then sure why wont you love this one. I’m good though.

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1 Comment on Movie Review: Zoolander 2

  1. Reboots can be annoying enough, but a law needs to be passed banning any sequel from ever getting a green light if the previous film was released more than…lets say….five years ago. Let alone 15 in this case! Fingers crossed “Twins 2” never gets that green light!

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