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Wisconsin man wins right to wear spaghetti strainer in license photo.

You read the headline. I am not joking.

A Madison Wisconsin man has been granted permission to wear a spaghetti strainer in his license photo. (source) This comes after his lawyer sent a letter to the Department of Transportation stating that the strainer is considered religious headwear.

So what religion could this be? Apparently, the man is a “Pastafarian and was denied his religious right as a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which was first established in 2005.” Apparently,this is a real thing. I found the website.  They believe heaven includes a stripper factory and beer volcano. Damn, if that’s true. Sign me up!

While these people are no doubt “out in left field,”  at least they don’t seem to be Scientology nut jobs, or walking around with signs depicting dead fetuses. Believe in whatever you want. Furthermore, if anyone has a near death experience and can confirm you spotted a beer volcano and stripper factory, let me know!

-Adam Mallett

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2 Comments on Wisconsin man wins right to wear spaghetti strainer in license photo.

  1. You do know the history of the FSM, right?

    • Yes, I am very well aware of the history and how they take a very light hearted and mocking approach to organized religion. It’s funny. Still, the fact a person would go to such great lengths to wear a spaghetti strainer to make a point is equally hilarious.

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