Teen Who Killed His 5 Family Members Was Sentenced As A Juvenile?

The amount of times I say "You've got to be fucking kidding me" on a daily basis seems to be on the rise lately.

When I read disturbing shit like this, how could I not!

An Albuquerque N.M teen  “opened fire in his family’s home south of Albuquerque, killing his mother as she slept and then his 9-year-old brother and two sisters, ages 5 and 2, authorities said. Griego’s father was the last to die: The teen waited in a bathroom and ambushed the gang member turned pastor after he returned home, sheriff’s officials said.”  This kid was sentenced as a juvenile at 15. He is now 18 and will be released before he turns 21! His attorneys argued that he could be rehabilitated. Apparently, the judge smoked a lot of crack that day because the defense worked.

This won’t end in rainbows and sunshine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer in second chances, but when you have practically


Ya, your future is looking great!

turned yourself into a living breathing version of horror movie serial killer Michael Myers and killed 5 of your own family members, I’m just a little bit skeptical that any form of rehabilitation will stick. If you disagree, ask yourself how you would feel if he moved in next door. How does that sound?


Source: Yahoo News

-Adam Mallett

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2 Comments on Teen Who Killed His 5 Family Members Was Sentenced As A Juvenile?

  1. Wait, a juvenile was tried and sentenced as a juvenile? What ever is the world coming to?

    Do the research – children’s brains (and yes, at 15 he is still a child) are functionally different from adults’, and are still developing. Treating children as children is always the right call. The seriousness of the crime should have no bearing on it.

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