When Does it Stop!? Extreme Acts of Political Correctness Will Destroy Us All!

I vaguely remember a time where we didn't need to put warning labels on coffee cups to explain "this beverage is hot." Those days are long gone.

Today people file law suits and sometimes push for a ridiculous level of political correctness in our society. The world has truly gone crazy.

This little incident I am about to mention fired me up a little bit & inspired me to write this little article…

When you approach a group of people who you are familiar with in a non formal / water cooler situation, how might you address the group to get everybody’s attention? One of the most common ways to do so is to say “Hey guys!” Well, a friend of mine has a female coworker who recently made a huge fuss over this. She felt it was sexist to be addressed this way since she isn’t actually a guy.

This is just one of several examples I’ve heard over the years that truly drives me insane. What annoys me even more is that we cater to these people! I didn’t follow up yet to see the final outcome. However, I am willing to bet that HR will have some involvement and a new corporate policy will be written up.PC

While on a very small microscopic level I understand what she is saying. That is correct. Your not a guy, but doesn’t the world have bigger problems than having to deal with situations like this? Is it really worth kicking and stomping your feet over at work? More importantly, don’t you have real work to do!? If this is truly how this person is, I bet she has 50 cats! Why would anybody want to be in a relationship with someone like this!?

It terrifies me that extreme incidents like these are becoming more common. While we obviously need to maintain SOME level of correctness, where does the line get drawn? To much of anything isn’t a good thing.

-Adam Mallett

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  1. Interestingly enough, the “Caution: Hot Coffee” label conundrum is actually less about the stupidity of people (though they are) and more about McDonald’s deliberately serving coffee at unsafe and undrinkable temperature of 200 degrees.

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