People V. O. J. Episode 2

So episode 2 has been watched and my views are the same. Acting is still terrible. This episode was just awful. Cuba Gooding Jr was acting more like Radio than The Juice. It was comical watching him exit the Bronco doing his best Rain Man impression. “Sorry, yeah,  sorry guys, yeah sorry”. Then the cops treating him like a special person that deserved to be pampered. 

My view on the Kardashians has changed a little. I think the people behind this are poking fun of the Kardashian fame whores. I chuckled when they had Kim spell the name because the person on tv botched it. Then went into a Kardashian chant. So let’s see what comes from this before I make my final thought on the fame whores beign shown in this show. 

Everything is awful with this project. Well except for Sarah Paulson of course. Again I’ll continue to watch because I’m interested in the story, and I’m actually enjoying the horrible acting. 

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