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I’m super heroed out. Is Deadpool the cure?

You know how on award shows they hire a comedian to host the show and they make fun of all the people who get awards and the people who hired them. But he can’t go too overboard or be too self referential because otherwise people wont like it? This movie is sort of like that. Deadpool is a superhero movie taking place in the world of superheroes making fun of superheroes made by a company that make super hero movies.

Self aware fake opening credit sequence. I enjoyed that. I appreciate being self referential.

Unconventional timeline kept the story movie while also keeping the viewer on their toes.

It was action packed and violent, so that was nice.

I love T.J. Miller. He’s billed as the “comic relief” in this movie. I first loved him in episodes of Doug Loves Movies, Doug Benson’s movie podcast. T.J. also has his own podcast (Cashing in with T.J. Miller) which is nonsensical and wonderful. Of course he is a main character in HBO’s Silicon Valley and when he shows up in movies he is frequently the best part.

For the most part the jokes were stupid or annoying. There were a few inside jokes that I’m sure I missed because I don’t pay attention enough to comics and superhero movies. Some jokes I appreciated. (When Deadpool was being dragged to see Prod X he said something along the lines of “I get confused on the timelines is it McAvoy or Stewart?”)

Every Marvel movie has a Stan Lee cameo. This one by far is the winner for the best one.

I was never bored. I enjoyed how the story was told. It was nice that the fate of the world wasn’t at stake for once. If I had gone in with more excited to see this or with more of a positive view of this I would have liked it more.

I can’t convince you to see or not see this movie. If you think this movie is for you, it delivers what it promises. It is self referential and makes fun of comic book movies while also of course actually being a comic book movie. It exists inside the X-Men universe while simultaneously mocking it.

TLDR: 3.5/5. I enjoyed this movie. Action packed, entertaining, and a couple laughs. A lot of laughs weren’t for me and Reynolds was a bit annoying. As far as comic book movies go this one towards the top.

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2 Comments on Movie Review: Deadpool

  1. You were so wrong about Deadpool.
    How wrong? I’ll let you know once I actually see it.

  2. Watched it.
    I revise my previous statement.
    You’re not wrong.
    Fun movie but its self-awareness became annoying.

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