Movie Review: 45 Years

This also belongs on the list of sex scenes that makes going to the theater awkward. -Steven Richard K

First lemme start of with my complaints about going to movie theaters. This specific theater that I went to needed some more sound proofing in the walls. I could hear the other movie coming through during silent parts in the movie I was watching. I had to stop and figure out if some of the music I was hearing was from the movie I was watching or from the movie next door.

Also note: In the winter time if you go to one of the first movies of the day, the theater will be cold. I’ve gone to 3-4 different theaters this winter and have seen one of the first movies of the day and have worn my jacket through the entire movie. Yes, I know, movie theaters are big and it takes a long time to heat the room up and heat rises so it takes long. Maybe turn the heat on a bit sooner so that I can comfortable.

Now. For the task at hand. 45 Years. I liked this little movie. You are not going like it. It is slow and not a lot happens but the drama is great. This felt like it could have been a play, took place mostly in a house with a few other scenes. It was based upon a book.

Kate and Geoff Mercer have been married for 45 years and are about to celebrate their anniversary. Geoff gets a letter informing him that they have discovered the body of his girlfriend that was lost in the Alps 50 years ago. This causes some feelings. Even though the letter directly effects Geoff and we watch how he reacts to it this movie is more about the reaction Kate has to Geoff’s reaction. A discovery of truths, facts that have long been buried. The rediscovery of this things that had been causes some hurt feelings and uncomfortable moments.

Riveting, I know. No it’s actually quite good. The actors do a good job and its tense and its fun to discover what happened through Kate’s eyes.

“Funny how you forget the things that used to make you happy.” A quote the Kate says that pretty much sums up the movie. Oh and also life.

Oh yeah. Old people sex. You don’t see it really but its another uncomfortable theater moment.

45 Years is in select theaters.

TLDR: 4/5. I liked this movie. If you like movies you’re gonna like this one. Dramatic feels. Grab the disc if it sound interesting to you otherwise wait til it’s streaming. If it sounds like you wont like it, you wont.

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