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V-Prez’s Thoughts on American Crime Story:The People Vrs. O.J. Simpson

I just watched the first episode of American Crime Story:The People Vrs. O.J. Simpson. My first impression of this mini series is that it seems very corny. I’m not sure if it’s the writing or the acting but it is almost unwatchable. Cuba Gooding Jr is not believable as the Juice. He is smaller than O.J. and it just doesn’t look good. O.J. always seemed to tower over people and Cuba, even though it’s just little, looks smaller and not as intimidating. John Travolta is just funny. No I don’t mean comical, well not on purpose, but his portrayal of Robert Shapiro hurts. I can’t take him seriously. His acting is like he is trying to an aristocrat from WW II. His expressions are blank. It looks as if he had just received Botox in his stupid face. Staying on stupid faces let’s talk about Ross. I say Ross and not David Schwimmer because that’s all he will be remembered by. He has the same stupid face in this show as he had when we first saw him on Friends saying ‘hello’ in the coffee shop. The same stupid expression he had when he said Racheal instead of Emily. The same stupid face he had in Band of Brothers when he found out he was losing command of Easy Company. See where I’m going? Ross has a stupid face. Courtney B. Vance’s portrayal of Johnny Cochran is very cartoonish. Hell the whole episode looked like I was watching a skit on SNL. They seem like they are doing impressions of the rea person. The only one I  am buying is Sarah Paulson. Her portrayal of Marcia Clark seems spot on. She is doing well as the bitchy woman whomismtrying to prove that woman in then90’s can be powerful and successful. 

The bad acting isn’t even my main problem. Do the Kardashians have to be in this? Of course Robert does, but why do they need a scene with Kris Jenner and her friend being all California catty bitch at their friends funeral? Then stop, turn and yell at the kids by name? If they do a scene where the kids might of been present or whatever I’m fine with that. But to acknowledge them by name seems like they have no faith in the series and need to use the Kardashians to get people to watch. Oh yeah how could I forget, we also do not need a scene with Ross yelling at O.J. to not kill him self in his daughters room because Kimmy sleeps there. We know it’s Kim’s room there was a black football player in her bed. 

Bad acting, Ross’ stupid face, and the Kardashian assholes aside I will still watch it. I am interested in the story and remember fowlling it way back in 1994. Even if it sucks it’ll give me shitmtombitch about. Like I need a reason, am I right???

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  1. Who the hell uses “vrs.” as an abbreviation for versus?

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