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Celebrate Cam Newton’s Personality With This GIF Of Him Rolling On The Ground Like A Bitch

I don’t get it. Why isn’t he dabbing on dem folks? – GrimeBone

It’s the biggest game of your life. Your team is down by 6 points but was just flagged for a penalty that will surely lead to a score that will require two touchdowns to reach your ultimate goal. This is when leaders stand tall and rally their troops to give it their all to defy the odds. What does Cam Newton do?

He rolls on the ground and cries like a bitch!


There was over three minutes left and you had two timeouts plus the two minute warning. You were getting the ball back. There was still a chance! Instead of trying to lead your team to a pair of touch downs to tie the game up and send it to overtime and relentlessly pursue a Super Bowl title, you gave up, Cam. You fucking gave up. You think Tom Brady would pull this pussy shit? Fuck and no.

To top it all off, Cam Newton then walked out of his post game presser. Just because he could over hear Chris Harris Jr. discussing the Broncos successful game plan. This is exactly why nobody could stand your Dabbing, showboating bullshit, Cam. You’re twenty six years old but you act like a two year old girl who throws a temper tantrum when she doesn’t get her way. Show some grace and try winning for me something once. At least when you don’t, don’t act like a cry baby bitch, you cry baby bitch.



1 Comment on Celebrate Cam Newton’s Personality With This GIF Of Him Rolling On The Ground Like A Bitch

  1. HAHAHA I hope he feels embarrassed when he sees the footage of him acting like a little bitch! I started the game rooting for Carolina, but by the end I was rooting for Denver because Cam looked so stupid. Aww you should try and find a .gif of him avoiding that fumble like the plague and add it in. LOL

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