Adrian Peterson 3rd In Comeback Player of the Year Voting; Was Supsended For Beating His Child

It’s like David vs. Goliath except Goliath had the weapon. -GrimeBone

Last night, the winners of the NFL’s Honors Awards were doled out to those who amassed the most votes from a 50 person panel assembled by the Associated Press. Cam Newton almost won the MVP unanimously and Jameis Winston was Rookie of the Year, but curiously, Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson received votes for Comeback Player of the Year.

It is curious because Adrian Peterson was determined to be a candidate for Comeback Player of the Year because he spent a large portion of last season suspended… for beating the shit out of his then four year old son! Holy crap. That is a fairly ignorant vote to be casting. Eric Berry ended up deservedly winning the award, as the Kansas City Chiefs Safety had himself an excellent year after returning from a battle with cancer.

Now, many people will argue that physically striking your offspring is a proper form of child rearing. They may not be wrong when discussing a parent who gives a little spank on the bottom to enforce discipline, but that is not what Adrian Peterson did. First off, AP is a 6’1″, 220 lb., professional football player. He is massively jacked. He literally battles other physically giant man to earn a living. He easily outmatches a four year old child. He broke a branch off of a tree and then beat his own child with it until he had visibly bleeding lacerations on his legs and scrotum. 

Let’s be very clear here. Adrian Peterson used a weapon to beat his child so bad that he was still bleeding when he dropped him off at his mother’s house days later. Kids heal like  Wolverine and his own child showed up from a few days away at Dad’s still bleeding from a “disciplining.” Just imagine what it looked like right after it happened. Before you say that your parents hit you and you turned out fine, did they beat you so bad that you had openly bleeding wounds for days after? And was your father a muscle bound NFL star? Doubt it.

Adrian Peterson to this day does not believe he did anything wrong. He feels this is a difference in culture and should not have been charged with a crime, let alone suspended from the NFL. The fact that he received any votes for Comeback Player of the Year for being suspended for physically attacking his own child with a stick and without remorse should not only have their credentials revoked, but their heads checked too.


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