I’ll See Your Misogyny and Raise You a Death Threat; Return of Kings Cancels International Meet-Up

It’s all funny until someone gets offended. Then it is death threat time. -GrimeBone

The torches have been lit. The pitchforks sharpened to a point. The angry mob has began their social death march towards the self proclaimed “neo-masculine”and socially dubbed “pro legal rape” website, Return of Kings. 

The website, created and curated by owner/author Daryush Valizadeh a.k.a, RooshV, had planned an international meet up day for today, February 6th, for supporters across the globe to discuss and promote his idea of Neo-Masculinity. The meet up has since been canceled due to a massive global backlash against the ideas promoted by the group.

What in particular sparked this backlash? It is the idea that RooshV, Return of Kings and their fan base support the idea of “pro-legal rape.” This was propagated by a self proclaimed “satirical” article written a year ago on RooshV’s personal website. The article is dubbed “How to Stop Rape.” Media outlets worldwide have taken the “pro-legal rape” narrative and applied to it to every piece of writing in relation to the planned meet ups  and pasted it in their headlines all over the internet. RooshV has decried these allegations.

In spite of his insistence that his article was “satirical,” people are fucking pissed and have launched death threats and organized protests to counter Return of Kings’ International Meet-Ups. These efforts have proven successful as the gatherings have been canceled due to the concern for the safety of their supporters who may attend. Quite rich, huh? RooshV is now the new laughing stock of the world. It was Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Speech, and the army of outrage has taken the victory.

If you take a gander at the Return of Kings website, it is rather difficult to determine that it is all just a joke. He may not have been 100% serious about rape being legal on private property but the rest of his manifesto makes it very hard to believe him entirely. Heck, I will even throw him a bone and go out on a limb and say he may even have a point, in some very rare instances, about the need to have some accountability in keeping yourself out of compromising positions, as it is expected of you in just about every other aspect of life. BUT if you wanna make rape jokes about girls deserving to be raped, you better believe people are going to want you to die. Just ask Barstool Sports. Bottom line is no means no, no matter what and most people don’t find it funny when you say otherwise.

So, hats off to you, Roosh the Douche. If your goal was to be the most hated man in the world, you have succeeded. You DO have the right to free speech, but the world also has the right to think you are a piece of shit and direct their contemporaries into feeling the same way. The uptick in revenue you are reaping due to recently increased web traffic may feel good now, but it will surely come at a much larger price for your future. Masculinity and femininity have different definitions to each person who determines their role within those ideas. Just do us all a favor, don’t tie your own delusional, grandiose, self importance into it.

Before we go, though, let’s cool it with the death threats and promises of violence. It makes you look like a piece of shit, too. We are trying to have a civilized society here and that garbage isn’t helping. It is also emboldening the people who buy into RooshV and Return of Kings’ bullshit into thinking that they are actually right and YOU are the crazy one, trying to oppress their masculinity or whatever it is they are desperately trying to prove. Don’t burn down your house because you are afraid someone is going to break in.


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