Movie Review: The Finest Hours

The ocean. A mother fucker? -Steven Richard K

New England movie based on a true story with an Affleck brother? Sure why not.

IMAX 3D? Ok, sure.

So there’s this dude who is going on a date with this chick. They fall in love, so that’s nice. Why did we start off the story this way?

Oh yeah, also he works for the Coast Guard.

Oh and there’s this boat out in the ocean.

Oh and now there’s a snow storm.

Movies like this remind me that people take some crazy jobs. You can sign up for a safer job. Thanks for your service, thanks for serving our country. You didn’t have to sign up for that shit though. Okay maybe in 1952 you had to back before they removed the draft.

They could have told this story differently. I don’t care how worried the people on land were. I wanted ab it more character exposition of the people on boats.

There were a few directing choices that I was confused with as well. Why did they pick that shot? Why did they choose to have this long uncut shot with the focus on her while he was talking?

It is neat as a local to remember that time I went there. I dropped my parents off to look for sea shells and look at the seals right by that Chatham lighthouse while I dragged my wife to the Marconi Museum. She wasn’t impressed.


Learning about Radio at the Marconi Museum!

This movie is based on the incredible true story. It is incredible. Like, its unbelievable. Like, maybe the fact that it happened is supposed to get you to accept that it could have happened. There were a few needle in a haystack scenarios that played out towards the end. I’m curious about how much of that drama was real or was added in by the filmmakers. I’m not curious enough to google it and tell you about it.

They did that cool thing where they showed pictures of the real event and the real people at the end. I always love that. The ending credits were really cool with all the pictures and newspaper articles.

It seems like a cool story but I didn’t think it was well executed in this movie.

TLDR: 2/5. I don’t know. Skip it I guess. Maybe watch it on instant. It wasn’t horrible it was just unremarkable and not as exciting as one would want.

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