Movie Review: The Boy

Horror movie. About of of critics enjoyed it so it may have some hope. I haven’t seen the trailer. Lets see how this one goes.

Jim Norton listed as a cast member! Cool. (Spoiler alert. Not that Jim Norton. Bummer.)

Oh shit, I saw the trailer for this one. This is this movie I’m watching!? Aw man.

Fuck ghosts.

That being said, I didn’t completely hate this movie. This is not my genre so I’m not one to judge, but I didn’t completely hate this.

It moved along at the right pace. I was never anxious for it to wrap up, so that’s good.

That doll was pretty creepy looking.

If this is your things maybe watch it. If its not, skip it. Nothing new here.

The Boy is playing everywhere.

TLDR: 2/5. I didn’t hate this movie belonging to a genre I don’t care for. Nothing really new. I was surprised at how not shitty and well handled it was. If you like this sort of movie you might like it. If you’re like me and hate this genre you can skip it but if you’re forced to watch it you wont be too pissed off when the credits roll.

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