Brady’s Letter Analyzed by Handwriting Expert

Reading in between the lines. -Steven Richard K

Tom Brady released a hand written letter thanking fans to Facebook after the heartbreaking loss to the Bronco’s on Sunday. So far it has received more than 230,000 likes and a lot of media attention.

But what was Tommy Boy really trying to say?

We had The Packie’s resident handwriting analyst James Realguy take a look at this letter and he had some thoughts. Here is a look at our conversation.

Steven Richard K: Now James, what can you tell me about the letter?

James Real Guy: As you can tell it is actually a very complicated letter from a deep man. First let’s look at the paper.

SRK: Great.

JR: It’s written on his personalized stationary. This is a man who hand writes a lot of letters. So many in fact that he wants to save the time of writing the 8 letters that comprise his name at the top every time.

tom top

SRK: Sort of like an email signature but on a piece of paper.

JR: Exactly like an email signature but on a piece of paper. Now, the paper is not folded. He didn’t receive this letter in the mail. He wrote it then took a picture of it. Then presumably mailed it to the Smithsonian.

SRK: Undoubtedly!

JR: The letter is composed of 3 paragraphs. Much like the preseason, regular season, and the post season. The first paragraph is there to get you warmed up. The second paragraph is there and is a fundamental base. The final paragraph is when all the chips are on the line.

SRK: Which is why the first paragraph doesn’t matter!

JR: Precisely. Now, take a look at the framing of the photograph itself. If he weren’t trying to be so humble it might have been zoomed out a bit more to show his 4 Super Bowl rings. One was not visible on his thumb. That would be silly.


SRK: Silly indeed. What can you tell me about the word choice and letters itself?

JR: As you can see Tom uses all capital letters. Its as if every letter of every word is the beginning of a sentence. That adds a level of importance to every word he’s saying.


JR: Please don’t. As for the words, from what I can tell everything was spelled coretcly. I think.

SRK: Yeah?

JR: Hey listen, I’m a handwriting expert not a dictionary. Check your priviledge.

SRK: Sorry. Is there anything interesting you can tell me about any of the letters themselves?

JR: Yes. Many of his “O’s” start from the top (some might say the front) and it is all one solid line. This may be an indication that he desired a little bit more support from the O-line. He wasn’t being pushy or casting blame, he just thought it might be nice.

SRK: Fascinating. What can you tell me about the signature?

JR: First of all, he signed it “YOURS TRULY” which obviously means he’s being honest. He’s not lying (like some other quarterbacks we know). And he signed his name as “TOM” because as you remember his full name is at the top of the letter already.


SRK: Interesting. Well thank you so much for this in depth look at what could end up being one of the most important documents in NFL History. Nice chatting with you Mr. Realguy.

JR: It was my pleasure.

Thank you Tom. It was a great season. Football on footballer.

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