Movie Review: Ride Along 2

Is the audience willing to for for a ride with Hart and Cube? -Steven Richard K

I never saw Ride Along 1 or Ride Along or Ride Along 0 but hopefully I’ll be able to get a handle on what is going on.

Kevin Hart is a very popular stand up comic who is now a movie star. Ice Cube used to be a rapper who sang about murdering the police then he became a police on tv. Shit. No that was Tea who became the tv cop. Cube is a movie cop. I loved Friday! Anaconda wasn’t bad. Ok it was bad but I was a dumb teenager who liked it.

3 previews in a row for Kevin Hart. Action comedy with the Rock, followed by his standup movie “What Now” (holding a golden microphone like that crazy right wing radio guy), followed by his voice in a cartoon. That one was for The Secret Life of Pets. I’ve never seen a preview for it with the pets talking before, just pets dancing. People who like Hart must like Hart enough to go to the movies so they they are Harting the shit out people.

This movie sucked but I kind of enjoyed it.

I loved Ice Cube. Kevin Hart was very very annoying. Damn Olivia Munn is good looking. I love seeing Ken Jeong. From Community and the Hangovers. He wasn’t too funny but it’s nice to see him.

I miss Jackie Chan.

At some point the movie turned into a shitty version of season 2 of The Wire and had to do with shipping containers.

I really want to know what brand of ceiling fan that was that launched Hart across the room like that. I thought most of them had features to break if an object out any pressure on them.

Most of what happened with this movie would be thrown out of court. They violated his constitutional rights and they never got a warrant. Oh well.

There were a lot of times when Ice Cube was wearing his Ray Bans looking toward the camera. I spent a good amount of time looking for the camera or the crew in the reflection of his glasses. I’m curious how much money was spent on special effects in order remove those reflections.

You should buy Ray Bans brand sunglasses.

Good to see that after being shot twice in the front in a bullet proof vest then twice in the back (you remember that scene from the trailer of course) he didn’t break any of his ribs and was able to get to his wedding in time.

This movie was not funny but I still enjoyed it for some reason. The action and the suspense was good enough to keep me entertained. I kind of liked it.

Ride Along 2 is playing everywhere.

TLDR 2.5/5. I don’t think I laughed once, but the action was fairly enjoyable albeit cheesy. If this is on instant put it on while you’re cleaning the living room or watch it on cable.

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