Rapper B.O.B Trying to Prove Earth is Flat

The Atlanta rapper known as B.O.B has been very focal on social media trying to prove that the earth is indeed flat.

I think it’s stupid &  if you have any common sense you would know this is stupid. I love these aerial shots with him asking “why don’t I see the curve”? I mean common, how can anybody still believe this!? It’s 2016! Wouldn’t someone have discovered the edge or fallen off by now? We don’t live in an age anymore where people need to chart maps by sailing the ocean.

We have frigin satellites now! I’m sure according to a lot of these people its all one big giant conspiracy for some reason.  If that’s the case then every single world government that has ever sent a satellite into space is working together to cover this up. That would be impossible!

However, as of last week we discovered that our very own solar system might have an additional planet. How did we miss that one for so long? So for the time being, I say if you want to believe something this ridiculous, go for it! Everything is on the table. If you want to believe unicorns are at the earths core and the universe is held together by pixie dust, be my guest!

-Adam Mallett

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  1. dont know whats going on in his head ….

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