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Movie Review: Anomalisa

Team America World Police for the NPR crowd? -Steven Richard K

I’m gonna complain for a minute about Movie Pass. (Yes it’s the reason I write all these reviews and it saves me hundreds of dollars a year and I love it but) it could be better. It is not accepted in every theater. I wanted to see Anomalisa today. Instead of heading over to the Kendal Square Cinema I drove 38 miles to Danvers to see it. I’d heard good things and good people are involved so I hoped it would be worth it.

It was worth it. I appreciated being able to think about the movie for my 50 minute drive home. It really stuck with me and it will for the next few days I’m sure.

Charlie Kaufmann made this one. He’s the man behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich, Adaptation. (Shout out Dino Stamatopoulos (Starburns on Community), producer of this film, the name of the sex shop is “Dino’s Toys.”)

This movie is slow moving and deliberate. It had to be deliberate. The stop motion animation forced the filmmakers to take their time. Every is a frame that was taken as a picture and it took weeks or even months to film certain scenes.

Damn, I really felt this one.

The story? A dude goes to Cincinnati and stays in a hotel. Everyone is the same. Same faces, same voice actor plays all the voices. Then he hears a voice that is different. A woman named Lisa. An anomaly. He falls for her. She’s the answer he’s been looking for. He can save her.

Be ready for the puppet sex scene that was very uncomfortable for me as an audience member (even though it was just me and a senior citizen in the theater).

I loved how this one made me feel. You could see the pain in the character’s eyes and on his face. I’m with you puppet buddy.

This movie is nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards. I would love to see it win but Inside Out will probably win because Pixar is the best. (I didn’t like that one as much as everyone else, though it was really good).

Anomalisa is in select theaters now.

TLDR: 5/5. I loved this movie. The puppets gave me the feels. Slow moving and deliberate. Well written and directed.

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