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Calm down WWE fans!!!

All you whiny wrestling Internet bitches need to stop it. It’s because of you that it went down this way. It’s your fault!!!! Vince is showing you who runs the show and whom is in charge. If you stop bitching and saying what you want to happen, or what you think is best for business maybe Vince will give you what you want. Yes I know it’s fake and scripted but wouldn’t you like to be surprised just a little?? Let them run the show and let them do what they want with their company. Personally I loved the outcome. I’m excited to see what is going to transpire. I’m excited for Raw.  

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I am me and you are you!!! V-Prez, Veteran, bartender, joke writer, podcaster, formally known as Pledgemaster, Anna Kendricks future exhusband. And all around swell guy

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