Movie Review: The 5th Wave

Is this the sequel to Office Space that we’ve all been waiting for? -Steven Richard K

Nope. Its not. But I would like to think of this as the sequel for Office Space because Ron Livingston plays the father.

I braved the weather for this. The wife was babysitting so I’m using my Saturday night on this. The weather said 2-4 inches overnight so I scoffed. (I shouldn’t have been on the road, the roads were bad. Oops.)

Going into this I’m thinking “This one looks dumb but what if it’s awesome? Like what if it’s not that bad? Maybe I can’t get my hopes that high. What if I’m only pissed at the movie 5 times or less?”

Starts off with a justifiable shooting. Chloe Moretz (who played Hit Girl in Kickass I and II) goes into a gas station (as you see in the trailer) and ends up shooting a dude. She was in fear for her life and even though it wasn’t a second gun that the dude was pulling out, it was justifiable.

This movie feels like a commercial for guns. And probably for the army. Like maybe we should join the military so that when something goes wrong we have training and can take care of ourselves. It was sort of a much less cool version of Red Dawn, except the bad guys are aliens that we don’t really see.

Every setting is on purpose. There was a Big Fish movie poster in the bedroom. Homage for sure. Lens flairs from time to time. Homage to Spielberg?

I realized I was in an audience that was probably mostly teenage girls about 2/3 of the way through the movie. There were a few times when they were all giggling. The hot guy bathing in the river. (Spoiler) The hot guy is an alien. Their species doesn’t believe in love. Its just a tool that can be used to help ensure the species lives on. He didn’t believe in love. Until he saw her. At this point all the girls giggled. Big giggle.

I wonder if they have hot guys in the military?

In the end the guy who was the alien probably died but you don’t see it. Everyone makes it out alive but there are still aliens everywhere. If this movie is successful enough there will be a sequel.

I did not realize this movie was based upon a series of books. If this movie was made for teenage girls I don’t think they will like it, because I sort of liked it. If I absolutely hated it it might have been more for them. According to a USA Today article, this series of books should do for aliens what Twilight did for vampires. Oh good.

Did you know if you join the military there are many benefits the government gives you because the government loves you?

TLDR: 3/5. I’m ashamed to say I sort of liked this movie. Its not that good but its not that bad either. Fun action with some cheese on top. I can’t recommend anyone else watch this movie but I kinda liked it.

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